BDC Vapor Seal

 Vapor Seal Primer 

This new epoxy coating is revolutionizing the industrial coatings industry by combating a major problem with applying epoxy coatings: too much moisture in the substrate. Where most products will fail to cure if a substrate is merely damp, our Vapor Seal Primer has remarkably high moisture accepting qualities allowing it to cure even under water. The product’s low viscosity and slow cure time allow it to penetrate deeper into the concrete than a normal primer providing a higher degree of adhesion to the substrate.

Why is BDC Vapor Seal Primer so remarkable?

Recent laboratory tests have shown that BDC Vapor Seal Primer can reduce the moisture vapor transmissions of a floor with 12lbs/1000ft/24hrs to less than 1lb!

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BDC Vapor Seal Primer Spec Sheet

Vapor Seal Flyer

BDC Vapor Seal – Pigmented – RESIN – SDS


BDC Vapor Seal – Clear – RESIN – SDS


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