Polytex XI

Polytex XI is a two component, 100% solids, highbuild epoxy coating.

Polytex XI is used for coating picture plaques, wood, photographs, plaster, and craftwork. It can also be used for magazine and newspaper clippings, ceramic statues, general coatings, tabletops and bar tops.

Coverage for pour coat (1/16 inch)
1 oz of Polytex will cover 27 sq. inches
½ pint kit will cover approx. 2 sq feet
Pint kit will cover approx 4 sq feet
Quart Kit will cover approx 8 sq feet
Gallon kit will cover approx 35 sq feet

1 Gallon Kits (2 – 1/2g Bottles)
2-Gallon Kits (2 – 1g Bottles)
110 Gallon Kits (2 – 55g Drums)




Polytex XI Product Data Sheet

Polytex Troubleshooting

Polytex XI – Resin – SDS

Polytex XI – Hardener – SDS


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