BDC 9700 Polyaspartic Polyurea

BDC 9700 Polyurea is a two component, high-solids, Polyaspartic Polyurea. The 9700’s quick dry time coupled with its UV resistance, mar resistance, and chemical resistance will outperform most other types of sealers or topcoats. It is available in both Clear and Pigmented.

BDC 9700 is designed for professional use only and is specified as the finish coat for use in moderate to severe chemical environments or in heavy traffic areas. Apply BDC 9700 as a coating over B.D. Classic water base and 100% solids epoxies. BDC 9700 can also be applied over decorative paint chips and can be used as a sealer on a variety of other substrates such as plain concrete, acrylic cements and Acid Stained Concrete Flooring. Use BDC 9700 on Industrial Floors, residential Garage Floors, Decorative Floors, Restaurant Floors, Food Processing Facilities, Automotive Service Areas, and other moderate-high traffic areas.

* SCAQMD VOC Compliant Floor Coating (VOC < 5 g/l)
* Chemical Resistant
* Color and Gloss Retention
* Impact & Abrasion Resistant
* Fast Dry Time
* Walk on 6 Hours, Drive on 48 Hours



BDC 9700 Polyurea

BDC 9700- Resin – SDS

BDC 9700- Isocyanate – SDS

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