BDC 70-30 Aliphatic Urethane

BDC 70-30 is a clear, single component, solvent based, VOC compliant sealer and glaze. It is a very hard polyurethane that offers better gloss, UV resistance and stain resistance than most other sealers. The solvent base allows the material to penetrate and adhere to concrete, porous brick & unglazed tile and most types of decorative acrylic cement coatings. BDC 70-30 creates a glossy “wet look”.

BDC 70-30 is designed to seal and create a “wet look” on waterproofing overlays, concrete, unglazed brick or tiles, and many other masonry surfaces. Perfect to seal & glaze stamped concrete, stained concrete, and decorative acrylic cement systems.  Its high chemical resistance allows it to be used as an industrial maintenance coating.

* UV Resistant
* Single Component
* SCAQMD VOC Compliant as Industrial Maintenance or Waterproofing Concrete/Masonry Sealer
* High Gloss
* Excellent Adhesion
* Great Chemical Resistance

Finish: Gloss


BDC 70-30

BDC 70-30 – SDS