BDC 3798 – Epoxy Novolac

BDC 3798 is B.D. Classic’s premium Novolac epoxy system. It is designed for extreme chemical environments and constant temperature exposure of greater than 225°F. The BDC 3798 can withstand a constant immersion of 98% Sulfuric Acid for 12+ months before failure and MEK immersion for 10 days.

BDC-3798 Novolac epoxy is ideal for use in a variety of severe chemical and heat resistant applications. Some commonly used areas for BDC 3798 are containment areas, manufacturing plants, mechanical rooms, warehouses, tank linings, where a high level of chemical and solvent resistance is required, commercial kitchens, waste treatment plants, and high-temperature areas of food and beverage processing plants. BDC 3798 epoxy (with aggregate) can also be used as a mortar for overlays or repairs for concrete.

. 100% Solids
. High Heat Resistance
. Extreme Chemical Resistance
. High Strength
. Low Odor
. High-Build
. Superior Adhesion



BDC 3798 Novolac – Product Data Sheet

MSDS 3798 Clear Resin

MSDS 3798 Pigmented Resin

MSDS 3798 Hardener