BDC 3300PB – Epoxy for Stone

BDC 3300PB is a two component, cycloaliphatic, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture tolerant, high strength epoxy formulated specifically for the bonding of decorative pebbles to structural substrates.  BDC 3300PB is B.D. Classic’s highest quality system available for stone and epoxy.  When applied BDC 3300PB is an 8-10 hour cure (depending on temperature).

The Pebble Bond 3300PB Epoxy System is used primarily with aggregate pebbles to produce a decorative covering for patios, driveways, pool decks, and walkways.  The 3300PB can also be used as an epoxy primer to help further increase the product’s bond to its substrate.

BDC 3300PB Epoxy can be used for filling cracks in existing concrete and bonding many types of materials to each other.

* Exceptional Tensile Strength
* Great Early Water Resistance
* Strong resistance to Ultra Violet rays
* High Abrasion Resistance
* Durable High Gloss Finish
* Great Chemical Resistance
* Convenient 2:1 Mix; A:B=2:1


BDC-3300 – Stone Epoxy System Data Sheet