Aristocrat Liquid Illusion

Aristocrat Liquid Illusion

The Clear Solution for the finishing touch to a great presentation of floral elegance. Add the appearance of beautiful water that will bring new reality to your next silk flower creation. Impress everyone with the pure, natural, water-like look of Liquid Illusion that brings everlasting life to your silk flower arrangement. A product that is easy to use by anyone from novice to the professional – Simply MIX and POUR!

To ensure your finished product cures in 1-2 days with the best possible finish, the following Liquid Illusion products are recommended for individual pours:
Pours 2-12 fl oz. = Liquid Illusion i-40
Pours 12-24 fl oz. = Liquid Illusion 30-3
Pours 24-50 fl oz. = Liquid Illusion i-50

Minimum order direct from B.D. Classic = 10 gallons

Please contact us for more information regarding this product. Liquid Illusion comes in 1 gallon kits as well as smaller 8oz, 16oz, 32oz and 64oz kits.



Liquid Illusion Instructions