BDC 3100 – Cylcoaliphatic Epoxy

BDC 3100 is a two component, 100% solids, high-build, low
viscosity, low odor, cyclo-aliphatic, chemical resistant
epoxy.  This highly versatile epoxy coating comes in clear
and a variety of pigmented colors.

BDC 3100 epoxy is used to create industrial seamless floors
in manufacturing plants, mechanical rooms, industrial
warehouses, commercial kitchens, airplane hangars, and
commercial garages.  In combination with color quartz or
paint chips it can be used to create a decorative floor
coating.  BDC 3100 epoxy (with aggregate) can also be used
as a mortar for overlays or repairs for concrete.  3100 clear is
an excellent high build concrete sealer for interior over many
other types of coatings such decorative concrete or over
acid stained floors.

* Low Viscosity
* Meets USDA criteria
* 100% Solids
* Chemical Resistant
* High Strength
* Water Clear or Pigmented
* Durable yet Flexible
* Low Odor
* High-Build
* Superior Adhesion


BDC 3100 Product Data Sheet

BDC 3100P – Pigmented – RESIN – SDS

BDC 3100P – Pigmented – HARDENER – SDS

BDC 3100 – Clear – RESIN – SDS

BDC 3100 – Clear – HARDENER – SDS