How to Purchase

Below is a list of distributors who carry our Polytex, Aristocrat, and other various Craft related product lines.

Craft and Hobby

  • Eastern USA
    Kimandor Sales, Inc.
    (914) 500-8206
    Aristocrat Liquid Illusion, Aristocrat Liquid Glass
  • Central USA
    Village Original
    (800) 899-1314
    Polytex, Aristocrat Liquid Glass
  • Western USA
    Décor Time
    (800) 487-2524
    Aristocrat Liquid Glass, Aristocrat Liquid Illusion, Casting Resin, Liquid Marble
  • Australia
    Photogloss Clock Supplies
    Under New Ownership
    0447 770 010
    Email: info@photogloss.com.au
    Polytex, Aristocrat Liquid Glass
    S/E QLD Woodworking Supplies
    61 7 3804 7122
    Aristocrat Liquid Glass

Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • All purchases of epoxy floor coatings in the United States must go through distribution.
    To locate a distributor near you, please Contact us.
  • Rod Coat

  • Master United States Distributor

  • Australia
    (08) 9293 1225
  • Wholesalers and Distributors

    Would you like more information about reselling our products?

    Large Volume Purchasing 

    Do you need more information about purchasing large quantities of our Polytex or Liquid Illusion Epoxies? In order to purchase directly from us, the manufacturer, certain criteria must be met. Please contact us for further details.
    Please note: All floor coating materials must be sold through distribution.


    Customer Service

    Any time you need help with one of our products, don’t hesitate to call. We will connect you with one of our product specialists immediately. They are trained to help you in dealing with every aspect of our products.

    Sales Support 

    Need help deciding what the best product for the job is? Call us and talk to one of our products support specialists. They will help you decide what the best product for your job is. They have an in depth knowledge of our products and can explain to you the benefits and limitations of our different products.